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With our expanded facility and decades of experience, we offer best-in-class private labeling and custom blending formulations to fit you or your customer’s needs. Continue reading to learn more about our location, technical support capabilities, and services available to you.



  • Over 73,000 square foot facility
  • 106,000 gallons of base oil storage
  • Rail siding for two rail cars
  • 17,000 gallons per day of blending capacity
    • Load cells on each tank for increased productivity and accuracy
    • Tanks are dedicated to specific product lines to help guarantee quality
  • Packaging equipment for gallons, pails, drums, totes and bulk shipments

Laboratory and expertise:

  • Three formulators with over 65 years of experience
  • Laboratory equipment and testing facilities for product development and customer support
  • Able to provide competitive product analysis and recommendations
  • Over 800 active products with a proven track record
  • Customer confidentiality during all phases from development to production
  • In-house testing supported by four different outside laboratories when required

Private Label:

  • We have the ability to work with you to formulate and manufacture a single product to a full line of private label products for you to supply to your customers. This can include new or existing, products, label and packaging design. Complete confidentially is maintained during all points of design, formulation, testing and production. The different packaging we offer allows you to customize these products into your special product line. We can also ship on your paperwork directly to your customers to help minimize extra freight costs. At no time does our name appear on any of the shipping documents.

Custom Blending:

  • We are your single source for product formulation, blending, packaging and shipping to either you or your customers. Using a formula that you supply, or one of our products, we offer turn-key services like testing, labeling, special packaging and distribution and have the ability to manufacture products that competitors no long offer. With over 2,000 formulations on file, we have the capabilities to offer custom blending solutions to you for your customers with special product needs. Contact us today if you need a lubricant to solve production problems, storage issues or environmental concerns.


  • Motor Oil can work with you on specific product development to meet your market requirements. This might include new products, existing products that need some modifications, or choosing a product from our current line of lubricants. We can consult in areas of improved productivity, waste minimization, optimizing components, and packaging that best suit your customer’s needs. We can help with testing of products and certifications where they are necessary. Since we know these fluids, we can assist when raw material changes are necessary, or where customer requirements make a change necessary. Motor Oil is your partner to help you compete in today’s lubricant marketplace.